Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Save a Tree... Download a Coupon App!

Now, let me first say I do not have a smart phone. In fact, I kinda have a dumb phone. So I don't get to download a lot of apps (unless they are on my Kindle Fire). That, and lets add the fact that I am no Extreme Coupon King. I leave that for the people who have time with such things (and entertain me on Reality T.V.
But I read with interest on how Yowza!!, a location-based mobile coupon app, was designed to reduce mail waste and help consumers find deals. And thusly not needing paper coupons, could save a tree or two!
Imagine walking around and you see something to buy... You get out your Smart Phone and download a coupon for said item! Seems pretty good to me. I haven't heard if my Internet Darlings of the Coupon World, The Two Frugal Chicks have started using one, but imagine not having to buy 3 or 4 Sunday Papers, ladies!
As for me I will still be ignorant to smart phones, because my dumb phone serves me fine!

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