Friday, June 8, 2012

Independence Days Challenge Update- week of 6/8

Note: not a lot done this week due to having my big toe nail removed by a mad podiatrist - hopefully more done next week
Plant: Some tomato plants at Mom's;
Harvest: Mint
Preserve: Made some Mint Tea Coolers (Mint tea Ice cubes)
Prepare: Didn't make a planting bed at mom's like I was thinking last week... Planted tomatoes in pots instead of prepping a bed;
Local Foods: Farmers' Market buys Some frozen Blue berries, Roasted ear of corn
Community: Attended a summer gardening Class put on by Seattle Tilth right in our community garden
Making Do (Repair, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle): Reversed some boxes for re-use, standard recycling and composting

1 comment:

Kathe said...

Ugh on the big toe removal!! I cannot even imagine yet I sit here with my face all scrunched up just thinking about it! Have a great weekend Rob ♥