Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Garbage in my Garden!

I was sitting around one day, (always dangerous) and I was looking at the bag of chips I just polished off at lunch. Then it came to me! The chip bag is made from mylar (a plastic), it would hold water and soil! Why not use one for a planter? So I snip a small hole in the chip bag, and filled it with soil, and put an Oregano plant in it! Has worked well so far!

I planted this some arugula seeds in a paper board berry box I had just received with strawberries bought at the Farmers’ Market!, and some domesticated Lambsquarter in a sip planter I made from an Ice tea bottle. The Yellow flowers in the background are some Kale that have gone to flower, which I understand can attract bees and butterflies, so why not leave them?


Kathe said...

Okay, probably not what you want to hear lol, but that chip bag planter is sooo cute! And creative, and genius and I'm probably gonna steal it for a tablescape in the future :-)

Farmer's Daughter said...

Could you grow potatoes in a chip bag? Maybe one of those giant bulk ones? That would be awesome!

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Jamie Keifer said...

It is actually a good idea to use the chip bag for a planter, especially if you don’t have enough space in your backyard to have a garden. And since a chip bag only occupies a small space, it will be easy to place it in windows or shelves. Imagine, having your own garden right inside your home.

Jeremy Beauregard said...

What a brilliant idea! You have recycled your garbage and used it as a planter! Glad to know that it works. :) You can also add a container in your mini garden to make way for the growth of your strawberries.