Friday, June 15, 2012

Independence Days Challenge Update- Week of 6/15

Students at the gardening class put on by Seattle Tilth and the city of Burien 

Plant: radishes, "little finger" carrots; Lambsquarter
Harvest: radishes
Preserve: Not really preserving but prolonged the life of about a dozen hot dog buns by turning them into bread pudding;
Prepare: Augmented Mom's Garden by adding a planter of Radishes, Little Finger carrots and beets;
Local Foods:bought some fresh locally grown strawberries at the Farmers' Market
Community: Attended a work party at the community garden; also attended a gardening class at the community garden
Making Do (Repair, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle):Made a mini SIP planter, planted lambsquarter seeds in it (Yes I said lambsquarter- I bought a package of domesticated Lambsquarter to give it a try!)

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