Thursday, March 1, 2012

MY annual rant

I am a year older today- so I thought I would do off about some things i perceive to be wrong and rave about some I thought where right. I my birthday and my blog.
Over 52 years, I have seen some amazing things. I saw people put away their TV’s so they could sit and stare at CRT, and later LCD Monitors. I have been in a 10 + year relationship. I have ended a 10+ year relationship. I have seen people trying to get back to the right way of living. I have seen an African American elected president. I have seen people come together, no matter what race, creed, religion or ethnical background in times of disaster.
But in 52 years, I have also NOT seen people who love each other be able to get married, women’s right to do what they want with their bodies (without a bunch of men in a meeting determining what’s right and proper for women). I see continuing bigotry and hatred in the name of god and politics.
See, I don’t see anything wrong with this country, just this country’s leaders. It is high time we have true non-bipartisan-ship, not political wrangling. We need to see an end to white color criminals, who steal millions of dollars, getting near to nothing in jail time, or house arrest- if you live in a mansion, house arrest ain’t so bad! Meanwhile some poor mother gets 10 years without parole for selling marijuana. The punishments have to fit the crimes!
And Finally, I have seen a world of Corporate greed, that corporations get to do what ever corporations do. I say it is time to end this practice. I have a proposal to congress... Every corporation, from know on while get 10 chips, Every time they do something bad, they will have to give up a chip. And then at the end of the year, the bill is 10 chips, the CEO’s will have to go to jail, no wait, go live in a neighborhood directly affected by their deeds… the only way to get their old life back is to pay back 10 chips- I am guessing that the CEO’s will run cleaner companies.

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