Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 New Blogs (And 1 Old One Returns)

Hey there...in case you haven't noticed, and judging by the amount of visitors to this site, probably a lot of you!, there are some new blogs in my side bar that are worth taking a look at!
Kathe With An E- Kathe writes a great blog about design, re-design etc. She also is a consumate crafter. Great looking blog as well

A life Unprocessed- Written by my friend and fellow Burienite Mellow, she explores the unique and challenging "Raw food" world, as well as trying to make her world a better place for her children. And finally someone else around here besides me who eats weeds!

Our School at Blair Grocery- this is a blog that reports the news from the School at Blair Grocery, a really cool program teaching kids in New Orleans how to Urban Farm, as well as giving the community there something to smile and sing about!
Chile Chews- What? Rob have you gone batty? No. I know Chile is not new, but after a brief retirement she is back, and just as sassy, just as honest and just as good a read as ever. I look forward to reading her unique views on topics such as Diet, People and store managers!

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Kathe said...

Well goodness gracious! What a surprise that greeted me when I made my daily visit! Thanks Rob! As I have said before, you inspire me to be a better servant to Mother Nature! Spring has arrived in CO and I can hardly wait to put some of the ideas I have learned from you into practice!