Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cabbage Chips for Romeo

I discovered that my pooch, Romeo, likes to eat raw cabbage. So I thought , what about dehydrated cabbage? Here are the instructions for dehydrating cabbage that you can use as cabbage chips or save to reconstitute.
Dehydrating or Drying CABBAGE (RED OR GREEN)
Instructions for Dehydrating Cabbage:
1. Wash the cabbage heads and trim away the outer leaves.
2. Remove the core
3. Shred/grate the cabbage head.
4. Steam blanch vegetables for 2 minutes. For Chips, Salt to taste.
5. Dehydrate cabbage at 100 degrees (F) for 18 hours or until crisp. Note: I use my dehydrator, followed the same time rule
6. Store dried cabbage in a clean, dry, airtight container, in a cool dark location. (Light can cause discoloration) Dried cabbage can be added directly to soups or stews without rehydrating.
 Note: Red cabbage loses some of its color when rehydrated. To rehydrate, soak in cold water with a little lemon juice for 30 minutes and drain.

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Kathe said...

Our Max loves to eat lettuce! But only the crunchiest pieces. He will come running when he hears the veg bin open! May have to try dehydrating some to see if he will eat that.