Monday, March 26, 2012

Cash Mob!!!

All photos courtesy the "B-Town Blog"
Even my man, Da Bieber is all for the Cash Mob!

Saturday, I participated in a mob event. Cash mob. Cause that's how I roll.

The Cash Mob met up at a local pizzeria, and everyone agreed to spend $20 at a local store. There were about 40 of us, The store picked was "Goodie Gumdrops" a local toystore I must admit to never having frequented before. And boy was I surprised at what I could find there-  They had those cool little science kits I love that require a piece of garbage to recycle/re-use, wrapping and art supplies. I picked up a Weather station science kit and a Fridge Rover ( a wind up car the travels up the frigidaire!) It was so cool to see members of the community to get together and help out one of our local businesses. And now I am wondering... who's next to get hit by the mob?
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