Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make your own Jam Labels

Over at How about Orange, Ms. Jessica blogged about Andy Bigg's Beer Labelizer, a unique Label making application for your computer. Now Andy has come out with the Jam Labelizer The labels dont' have to be for just jam, you can make labels for boxes of cookies, homemade presents, bookplates, and more. Let your imagination guide you! I used the Beer Labelizer for my homemade ginger syrup, that I use to make ginger ale. And of course the jam labelizer for - jam. And if you don't have label paper, regular paper and a glue stick work just as well!

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Jessie Henn said...

That label looks so elegant and very attractive! I like the font of large ‘R’ in front. It’s really eye-catchy and the fonts that were used are very easy to read. I’m definitely trying that app, and making one of my own. =)