Monday, February 13, 2012

NW Flower and Garden Show 2012

Well the annual North West Flower and Garden show was everything I wanted this year. There where a lot of excitement over the fact that not only one display garden featured re-use and urban farming but it was seen through out the show!
You just gotta love decent re-use. Here, Cascadian Edible Landscaping shows what is possible from and old WV Bus- The front half is a tool shed/green house while...
the back half acts as a chicken coop for the resident chickens!
The eat your yard Ladies!
Also featured at the Cascadian Edible Landscaping display garden was a lot of sensible ways to create planters and gardens like this neat little "Block garden" fillled with edible plants!
This wall garden is made from recycled materials and sits above a rain barrel that it uses for water wicking!
This illustrates that you don't need to buy potato bags to grow potatoes- you can reuse old burlap coffee bean bags!
I never thought before that you can reuse old duct work to make raise beds and/or planters!
Seattle Urban Farming Company shows a little inspiration with these neat music themed planters!
So now I am re-inspired to plant in my garden once again! With new Ideas and such- more than I could put here! Anybody got a piano or drum set they're not using? How about a VW Bus???

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Kylee Baumle said...

Wasn't that VW bus fabulous? And how did I miss that piano???? I was there every single day!! See, this is what is nice about so many people posting about the same event - we all see different things!