Monday, December 19, 2011

Trader Joe's DIY Gift tags and a Bow!

Note: I know, i know -  this is the second DIY Gift tag post I have put up, but when I saw the printing on the bag I had to do it~

I was looking at a Trader Joe's paper bag, before dissassembling it for gift wrapping paper, and noticed the front had gift tags printed on the kraft paper. Well never one to leave a greener freebie alone I got out my trusty scissors and proceded to cut out some gift tags. A little jute twine and I was ready.

Then I read on, the side panels are printed too- for making paper chains. "Well I am not a kid so I a'int making no paper chains", I frowned. So I made a bow to go with the tags! Making a bow is easy just follow these simple instructions found at How about Orange blog.

 And the back of the bag is perfect for wrapping a small present! A Re-Use Hat trick!

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