Wednesday, December 28, 2011

REVIEW: The Non-Toxic Avenger By Deanna (Crunchy Chicken) Duke

This was a hard book for me to read. Not because Ms. Duke used words that I don't understand. Quite the contrary- she writes her prose in a way that flows and is easily understood by the lower classes (of which I am proudly one of!). It was hard, because I have read her blog almost every day for four years. And I didn't want to find anything to be critical of.

Well I can relax. There is nothing in her book that is particularly frightening. Well nothing, but the subject matter itself. I don't know about you, but I don't like to think of toxins in my pure body. Deanna does. And she likes to talk about it. Deanna has no secrets. She honestly talks about those nasty things that get in our bodies, often using her own body tox test results. She also talks about Hank's (Mr. Chicken) myeloma. And her son Henry's (little rooster) aspbergers, and the possibility that toxins are the cause. But talking about ones health and body toxins and doing it in a no nonsense, easy speak manner is a gift. I was able to read this book in one good sitting. Which says a lot considering I have trouble reading this type of book. Maybe it's because I have harassed Deanna for years in the blog-o-sphere, or maybe it's because I consider her a friend... but I can really suggest this book to help find out what's in your system!

Suffice it too say, it was really a good book to read. I learned a lot. Thanks Deanna!

I rate the Non- Toxic Avenger Three and a half green thumbs up!

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