Friday, December 30, 2011

Booze Free New Year's

First, I think we drink too much in this country. That being said , if you go out on New Year’s Eve, make sure someone is the Designated Driver. That means no alcohol for that “designated” person. Here are a few ideas on how to make the evening a little more DD friendly. And trust me- you do not want a DUI to start the new year. First- make sure where you are going has non alcoholic drinks. This may include Sodas, Sparkling waters, coffee, tea. My thing is to go to bars that have an espresso machine. And you would be surprised how many bars now cater to non- drinkers. They have to. Most states now have laws that include the bar that served DUI people. Call ahead to find out. If you are going to a private party or staying home… then the world is your oyster. There are a number of sites that have non-alcoholic cocktails or “mocktails”. I will list some of them at the end of this post.

One of the best things I have seen (and use) for the home “Dry bar”… A Soda Stream soda maker. It makes sodas for pennies a glass. And if you are adamant about no plastic, you can make Sodas using flavored syrups. They come in glass bottles. That is how I make Crème Soda- I jigger or 1 oz. of Torani’s Sugar-Free Vanilla Crème syrup to 8 oz of soda on Ice. Or try making your own syrups. Ginger Ale is easy

Good places to find "Mocktail" Recipes:

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