Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ride that thar fish Tex...

You know I enjoy reading people who are getting into chickens and goats, even rabbits for backyard meat. But recently I have been reading about fish farming in your backyard- specifically Tilapia.
There's a good article on Yahoo! Green about tilapia, calling them the Chicken of the Sea. Now not wanting to confuse Jessica Simpson, the article calls tilapia that for it's thrifty value as a meat fish. There are a lot of advantages to having your own pond filled with tilapia- one you know the water is clean. 2) Another advantage is the fact that the footprint is fairly low, depending on were you live, and 3) you can even grow them in an aquarium, if the idea of a pond with a green house is too much for you.
Tilapia are nutritious good eating fish. Reminds me of Blue Gills. And I have seen them on the menus of some high fallutin places. Just never heard of anyone trying there hands at backyard tilapia growing on a small scale.And from what I have read it would be perfect for an Urban Homesteader! I have seen them in tanks at Uwajimaya Grocery store in Renton. So I was wondering if anyone out there knows of anyone who is doing their own fish farming practice? And no, stocking a private pond with trout does not count.
Anyway I was thinking, maybe when retirement comes in a few years, buying an aquarium and raising my own fresh fish. It's not like I haven't raised a gold fish or two in my day! If I did it would that make me a Fish Cowboy?

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

These fish are commonly used in conjunction with growing vegetables using aguaponics (feeding your plants with fish poo) Basically the same principle as hydroponics but much more "Organic" no expensive chemicals to buy. Something I would love to try if I had more backyard space.