Monday, May 30, 2011

DIY Seed Tape

I have been reading "I Garden: Urban Style" by Reggie Solomon and Michael Nolan, and they brought up the topic of homemade seed tapes.

Seed tapes can be a great work reducer in the garden. And save wasted seed. And labor (eliminates the time used for thinning). But commercial seed tapes are expensive! And you can't always find the variety of seed you want. I was first introduced to home made seed tape years ago, by a retired Navy cook, Chief Witte, or CW as we called him, who had a huge garden. A complete vacant lot he purchased next door to his house. Now, some people use Toilet paper or paper towels. But Chief Witte used newsprint. Just simply fold over a strip of newspaper, cut at the fold about 1 inch. Open it and using your gluestick or elmers school white glue, or a simple paste of flower and water, apply glue of your choice to on side of the fold, on the inside. Then place your seeds, at the appropriate spacing, then fold over. There you have an seed tape. Biodegradable as well. I just did this with some Chammomile seeds. They are incredibly small and fine. I used radish seeds for the pics.

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