Friday, May 6, 2011

Get rid of that Junk In your Trunk and save $$$

This is a repost of a post I did on Sept. 5, 2008. With gas over $4 a gallon, I think it is as timely today as when I posted it.-Rob

Before- my trunk runneth over
I found a new way to increase the gas mileage of my vehicles. Unload your trunk. Today's cars are built for very little tolerance of weight.This is a trick from hyper milers- they will not only unload the trunk, they will take out seats and the spare tire, and other things I am just not ready to do. But I can unload the crap out of my trunk. Upon a recent inventory of my trunk, I have a bag of rocks (for landscaping), a bag of top soil, miscellaneous tools,Cans of paint, which weigh in all total approximately 160 pounds or 1 average person. "Hey fat ass, get outta my car!" Anyway with that all removed and a few items from the back seat- (Amazing how one person can get all this into one sub-compact car, but hey when you have talents...). And the next time you have a flat and don't have to spend an hour taking everything out of your trunk to get to the spare, you'll thank me.

What? You don't carry a 60 pound bag of crushed marble in your trunk?

Now it is clean ORGANIZE-

Now some folks like to put organizers in there car to keep things separate. And I have seen these things for sale at ridiculous prices! I say scaaaaaaareeeeeeew that and use what you got. You can put things in plastic grocery bags even. Me- I choose to use all the lap top bags I have. This way you can reuse an item and organize your trunk at the same time. I have also used 1 gallon plastic plant pots(for loose tools), milk crates. Anything that fits.

After- Clean and light! Yes I know it still needs vacumming!


Condo Blues said...

I have jumper cables and misc road emergency stuff organized in an old milk crate in the trunk of my car. All of my reuseable shopping totes are in one BIIIIIG tote bag in the trunk of my car too.

If you need a place to store that topsoil, I have a nice little spot in my flower bed for it :)

Chile said...

I try to get everything out of my vehicle as soon as I get home from acquiring it. Lots of things really can't take the heat this time of year if they're left in an enclosed car!

My biggest task now is to get rid of the junk in my trunk. Losing weight will help my mileage. hehe