Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outside Oslo Wall Art

I just love Jessica Jones fabric designs. Jessica writes the “How About Orange” Blog. And she designs great fabrics and ribbon. One of her designs, from her “Outside Oslo” line really captures my eye, the Outside Oslo Wildflower print in particular(must be my Norwegian heritage flashing up). So when she announced it was for sale online I jumped at the chance to turn one of her great fabrics into some wall art. I bought a yard of it, originally had planned to cover a bulletin board with it, but decided I didn't want to stick tacks and pins in it and cover it up with paper so I framed about half of it in a frame that would hide the circuit breaker box in my studio. Then I took two squares of fabric, mounted them in embroidery hoops for some accent art to compliment the big picture! The rest is destined for pillows or something.
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