Sunday, November 7, 2010

Swiss Chard, Kindle Covers and Freezing My Buns- the Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Year 3, week41
1. Plant something: Started some Chard indoors
2. Harvest something: some greens from the green house
3. Preserve something: nope
4. Waste Not: Repaired my garden shears for another season of use, oiled my garden weasel as well; Replaced the old worn out draw string form my sweat pants with some elastic. I bought these sweat pants from the thrift store and 3 years later still wearing them for pj's. L.L. Bean makes good stuff!
5: Want not: Made a Kindle cover for my kindle using a small canvass bag, and another for a gift.
6. Preparation and Storage: Still working on shed between rain drops
7. Build Community Food Systems: Helped out TEDx and Beth Terry by using my blog to broadcast the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Seminar. Not really a Building community food systems thing, but without clean water there is no food, right?
8. Eat the food (cook something new): Mesclun greens on a sandwich

Growing Challenge Extreme Evangelist Edition- I started some Swiss Chard Indoors, and I harvested some mesclun greens from the green house

Freeze Your Buns Challenge- first week has gone pretty good- thanks to some warmer temps earlier in the week.

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