Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bags On Board Giveaway!

I got a surprize when I looked at the B-town blog. There was a story on the 2010 Boo in Burien, our local halloween festival that featured a pet parade, weiner dog races, kids in costume getting candy and a whole lot of fun stuff. Wait until you see the picture featured in the story:

photo- the b-town blog

Yup it is Romeo in his pumpkin costume being led by some dude with a matching shirt. It was all for a good cause- The entry fee benefitted the Seattle Humane Society. And yes, Romi and I had a great time. In spite of the torrential rain.

Now here is the deal---- Romeo got SWAG! In his goodie bag, along with all the
good treats was a "Bags On Board" dispenser and a roll of Biodegradable BOB Bags, Since Romeo has a BOB dispenser, or rather 4 of them, 1 official one and 3 of the ones I make from prescription pill bottles ( One for each leash), he is willing to give up the swag. Another Romeo giveaway! As Romeo says: "I am keeping all the treats and the dog food, and giving the cat food to Sammy Cat, but you can put the bag thingy up for a give-away since I have one already!" Usual Give Away rules apply. Make a comment to this post, Post will be chosen by Random Number, and good luck to all! Giveaway entry ends on Friday, November 19th at midnight PST.

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cstironkat said...

Thank for sharing, I'm sorry I'm too late to win, but I will bookmark your site.