Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay I just finished reading my first book on my Kindle. And I am getting less guilty about it. I got the kindle not because I am against the brick and mortar bookstores. I am not. I got it for the ease and the lower footprint on the enviroment.
Not use to being very technically advanced, it was a hard decision for me. I was feeling guilty about not being more loyal to the bookstores I love. Then it dawned on me, while talking with Martin, I usually frequent used bookstores anyway. And I suspect I still will. (Hey out of print books are cool and most likely not on the list) Also as far as magazines go, the ones I read are usually not on the kindle list. So I suspect I will still be subscribing. At least to Readymade!

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Condo Blues said...

My husband loves his Kindle. I love that our crowded bookshelves are not getting more friends.

Epic WIN!