Friday, October 1, 2010

Changing my SWAG for good, not evil

Before- instead of removing the silk screening I painted over it with fabric paint.
After: A neat lunch bag that says PEACE!

Every once in awhile, my employer decides to Swag (stuff we all get) us lowly workers. Don't get me wrong - most of the stuff is cool- my first Re-usable steel water bottle came from my employer
But sometimes the corporate logo and recognition is just too much. Case in point, one of the groups I support gave me this cool reusable lunch bag. But with all the program info on it, I just wanted something simple... I remembered Condo Blues and her Swag redo challenge. I got a neat patch from Michael's along with some Fabric glue, and some fabric paint. First I painted over the silk screening on the lunch bag, it took a couple of coats but pretty much went away. then I carefully glued my peace sign patch onto the bag. And there you have it, my new reusable lunch bag redo. I think Ms. Lisa would be proud.


Simply Green said...

Cute! I like it. Very nifty, unique. Maybe you'll get some comments from strangers on this one :)

Condo Blues said...

I like the patch, it looks like you bought it that way. Very cool!