Thursday, October 14, 2010

DIY Halloween Costumes

Looking for a great costume for a party? Or does your little candy beggar want to be all original? Why not make your own costume- perfect oppurtunity for resuing materials, saving money. There are a plethora of sites to go to to make your own unique costume. One of my current favorites is "Filth Wizardy Blog" Her blog she shows how to make Storm trooper helmets out of milk jugs, as well as Batman masks, and even a light sabre out of a balloon and just a spot light.

For Fido, go over to Condo Blues and check out her post, "10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs who hate Costumes" starring Blitzkrieg the pirate dog!
For some kids costumes, try Disney Family Fun, or look up Sherri Osborne at Halloween Costumes!

And there are more creative folks out there. Remember the Yip Yips? On in, there is a complete tutorial on how to make a Yip Yip costume.And speaking of, check out their Halloween Channel for a whole lot of DIY Costumes

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