Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If you cant grow 'em, build 'em

Since the bees and the weather did not mix well this year to grow much of a pumpkin crop in my back yard (should have planted them in the front again!) and since I didn't feel like having pumpkin sex this year, I didn't get many pumpkins. So what to do? How do you present your Auntie with a Autumnal centerpiece on thanksgiving? Simple- just make your own pumpkin! Perusing the internets and found this neat and easy craft from House of Hepworths- Very easy to do- all the instructions are here. Just some vinyl dryer hose, some orange spray paint, a stick (I used a stick that fell from a tree rather than a cinnamon stick) and I chose some raffia over fake leaves. Just super glued the ends of a cut piece of dryer vent. Stuck the stick in the center after paint dried.I understand this can be done with aluminum dryer vent as well, but you have to prime it.
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