Monday, September 14, 2009

Some more Arts Aglow pics

The Arts Aglow Festival in Burien is an annual Lantern Festival put on by the city Parks Department and the Arts Commission. There were probably over 700 people participating in the evening procession from Town Square park to the B/IAS

I recorded some Vids that I posted late Saturday, and thought I should share these pictures:

Some of the lanterns, like this seahorse are very intricate
Cool salmon swimming
This isn't a tree but a cool sculpture;
Tree Spire description from the B/IAS website:
"Tree Spire" is one of the first collaborative pieces by the
Iron Monkeys. It is a 15' tall tree with a circular bench around the base of the
tree. There were four trees made, one is in Rainier Vista and another is in
Reno, Nevada as a temporary art installation."

One of the stilt walkers dancing with the Belly Dancers

I couldn't get enough of the salmon!

Big lantern!

Now you know I couldn't resist adding some lanterns to the community garden- Of course mine were made frrom reclaimed materials- no fancy tissue here!

On of the "solig" Lanterns I made in the community garden

A Flower made from a plastic cup from a Sno Cone vendor
(ok- a little tissue)

A coffee cup lantern!

Another coffee cup lantern, This one from Burien Press

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