Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ed Begley Jr's Guide to Sustainable Living Review and Giveaway

REVIEW "Ed Begley Jr’s. Guide to Sustainable Living" and Giveaway!

I really really wanted to love this book. I loved Ed’s book Living like Ed, and hoped this book would get into more tips of “harvesting the low hanging fruit” as Ed puts it.
However this book unlike "Living Like Ed" is a long drawn out text book style book. No humor or interpersonal stories in this one. Just a straight up “How To” book on everything form solar panels to higher efficiency heaters and hot water tanks. Great for a technical geek like Cheap Veggie Gardener, not so great on the easily distracted like me. Anyway, I rate this book 2 CFL’s out of five, and hope Mr. Begley understands- it’s not him or the message but the delivery.
Now don't take that to mean this isn't a good book- If you are interested in lowering your carbon footprint this is a great book to learn from; clear precise intstruction on how to do things like add solar, or make your home a more effecient ship on earth.
On the bright side, It is Giveaway time- One gently used copy of Ed Begley Jr’s. “Guide to Sustainable Living" for one lucky reader out there. Rules are simple- just post a comment and You are entered. And hopefully you can leave an email or your comment has the obligatory Blogger info so I can get back to the winner-
Winner will be picked by the Random Number Integer art at random .org. Good Luck! Contest runs until October 2 at midnight, PST.


Veronica said...

I would love to have this book. I really want to make some solar panels for our home.

Veronica said...
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