Friday, September 18, 2009

Muffin Envy

Ever have one of those days? I did. I started out this morning taking some produce from the community garden to the food bank, Then ended up at the community garden from where Romeo and I walk to the Burien Press. Since I did some gardening, I thought I should go in to the bathroom and wash my hands. Which I did- While I was in there the Barista whom I call Pinky (for no reason other than I can’t remember her name and she often wears a shocking pink stocking cap) made my coffee in my mug-
There was another customer there ordering his offices morning coffee, so I waited for him to finish until I paid for mine. There was one morning glory muffin in the case. I thought “I should have ordered that before washing my hands”. Sure as shit, Mr. "Office Latte Mocha Frappacino and 1 Soy Vanilla Frappacino Boy" finished his order with "I’ll take that muffin". What???If he could only hear what my mind was saying-“Don’t you know I did good deeds this morning and that muffin is my reward? Just put down the muffin Mr. and nobody gets hurt”.
Anyway he just took his order, paid and left. Guess he couldn’t feel the daggers that I was throwing with my mind. Or the flames of rage.
Now you think I would have a great Moral to this story of some deep seeded lesson in letting others have the muffin or don’t expect Rewards for good Deeds? Sorry- ‘Ceptin to say, If you are in the espresso shop Order your muffin before washing your soiled hands OR Train your cock-a-poo to grab the muffin and bite the guy in the ass before he leaves.

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Anonymous said...

If it wasn't good eatin', it still makes good readin'!!! :)