Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guilty Pleasures- Part Deux

Romeo's New biodegradable plastic poop bag holder

A few posts back I wrote about a guilty pleasure- I bought a Double Gulp at 7-11- today I am continuing in the same vain. I bought a bags on board Dispenser. Bags on Board is a company that makes and sells- plastic bags. For poop. When walking your dog, proper dog owner etiquette calls for the dog owner to pick up after said canine. And believe me Romeo has to poop. A lot. (I have come down with this theory- He doesn’t go as much when I have bags on my person.

My "homemade poop bag holder- made from an old container for staples- holds 4 plastic shopping bags- probably now will be used to reuse those bags!

So I made up a bag holder myself to make sure he always has poopy bags. Now this company, Bags on Board takes my idea and runs with it! (I expect royalties gentlemen!) Only they improved on it. Their bags are Biodegradable. (Note Biodegradable except as defined by California). What that means I don’t know- Maybe Ahnuld has come up with super dog poop that won’t allow the bag to biodegrade? Maybe he has covered his Hummer with them. Anyway I have written the company and asked them How their bags biodegrade? Are they made of corn polymer or something else? I couldn't find the answer on their website. I bought the dispenser and bags from REI, a store that I trust and am a member of. So we will see- when and if I get a response for The Bramton Company, the makers of Bags on Board, I will let you know.
I know, the wise thing would be to teach Romeo to sit on the toilet, but I swear just teaching him to sit is a challenge. That and I don’t subscribe to a newspaper so what’s he supposed to do for reading while on the can? At home he goes outside and I use a pooper scooper to pick up after him and the other dog. But that pooper scooper is too much to carry around. And since I don’t want to get into confrontations with folks who bitch when they step in my dog’s crap, (see the movie- “I love you man”)
Anyway I am still excited over these bags- I know you can say reduction is better than consumption. I still say Biodegradability is better than permanence.


Chile said...

Clever bad dispenser. And I know what you mean about canine bag awareness. Our dogs have always known when we forgot the bags. They have also been known to do a double-header after using up the first bags. Rotten dogs. ;-)

Condo Blues said...

I have a poo bag holder on each of Blitzkrieg's leashes. One is a Bags on Board and the other looks like a cloth tube that you put extra plastic bags in and pull them out of the bottom. I like that one because I can reuse empty bread bags, etc. because Blitzkrieg has small payloads. Surprisingly I didn't make that one, I bought it from a local lady who makes them at a dog event. Then I improved upon her design and made some for friends for Christmas.

Jennifer said...

I struggle with the whole poopy bag thing! So much plastic. I try to make my dogs poo at the same time, at least (yes, they DO poo on command), so I can pick two poos with one bag. :)