Friday, July 10, 2009

Community Garden gets Famous

The B-Town Blog, the local news source for Burien has finally done the enivitable- there is a picture of my Ugly mug on it. They did a story about Sustainable Burien's efforts to create a community Garden in the Bias, and there is a pic of me and my fellow gardeners there. Also if you like to some some great pics taken by SuBu Member Rebecca, She has them posted on her picasa page. The community garden is doing fine- lots of tomatoes in the victory garden, I think the fennel is ready for harvest! Of course all veggies taken from the garden (at least the victory garden) will be donated to the local food bank.

1 comment:

Red Icculus said...

It's awesome to get press. I picked you right out of the pic, you handsome fella. Keep those awesome DIY and gardening posts flowing.