Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kousa Mahshi- Aunt Shirleys stuffed Squash

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I was at the farmers market and one of the vendors had something called Lavoosh Squash. Don't google it- it aint there. But I recognised that as what I call Aunt Shirley's Squash. And I bought some pronto. Well I finally took a crack at Aunt Shirley's Stuffed Squash reicpe, finding one that sounded simular to My auntie's. My aunt Shirley was married to a Syrian/American and learned this from his mother. I have since found out the Syrian or middle eastern name is Kousa Mahshi (Stuffed squash with tomato sauce) and believe it or not I pretty much stayed with the recipe- except I used hamburger instead of ground lamb. That is how my Aunt made it. I would imagine you could use TVP(MorningStar farms Recipe starters Crumbles, for a meat free version. Anyway the recipe is here if you like. Thanks to the good people at Big
Some hints-

When scooping out the squash- Instead of a "Syrian munara" (if you could find one) I used a 1" spade bit and my drill motor. Y'all know how I love it when power tools and cooking mix.

Try using a pastry bag to stuff the squash with the lamb and/or hamburger mixture.

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Chile said...

That's pretty fancy - coring the squash but leaving it essentially whole!