Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have decided the name for "my" garden should be THE VICTORY GARDEN. After some research, as part of the Revive The Victory Garden movement. From the Revive The Victory Garden Website:

"Why plant a victory garden?
Today our food travels an average of 1500 miles
from farm to table. The process of planting, fertilizing, processing, packaging,
and transporting our food uses a great deal of energy and contributes to the
cause of global warming.
Planting a Victory Garden to fight global warming
would reduce the amount of pollution your food contributes to global
warming. Instead of traveling many miles from farm to table, your food would
travel from your own garden to your table.
Our current economic situation is
other good reason to start a Victory Garden. Every time that food is shipped
from the farm to the store and your table, gasoline is used. As gasoline prices
rise, food costs rise.
How can my actions make a difference? I’m only one
Each one of us may only be one person. However, we each have an
impact on the environment and can make changes to reduce our impact.
I have
no backyard, what can I do?

You can combine vegetable plants with flowers in
your front yard.
You can plant containers on your porch, patio, or balcony and can grow
sprouts indoors.
Check to see if you have a community garden available.
Perhaps a neighbor or friend without time or ability would let you garden
their yard, in exchange for some produce.
If these options are not
available, you can also choose to purchase foods which are grown close to home
by visiting your local farmer’s market or joining a CSA (Community Supported
Agriculture). If local foods are not available to you, choose foods which use
fewer chemical pesticides - such as organics, are in season, or have minimal

So basically their goals are the same as Sustainable Burien's- The ability to grow produce in confined spaces, lowering the food miles- thus lowering the global warming on food reaching it's destination, and to invoke community in growing the gardens!

Sounds good to me!


Green Bean said...

Woot for victory gardens everywhere!!! May victory be yours..

Farmer's Daughter said...

I've been calling my garden a victory garden, too. I like it so much better than "veggie garden."