Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Burien Strawberry Festival- Weekly Challenge Update

The Burien Strawberry Festival is going on this weekend. If you happen to be in South Seattle drive on out to Burien to the festival. There is a Fathers' Day Car Show on Sunday And from 2:30pm to the end, Robj98168(Hey that's Me!) will be manning the Sustainable Burien Booth, so come on down and get a coastal Strawberry Plant while they last! There are also inflatable rides, Wii Bowling, Food vendors representing all cultures and of course, my favorites- Elephant Ears and Roasted Corn (Yum!)

Pics from Saturdays Festival:

Becca a "S-B" Volunteer explains recycling to a citizen
Merry Ann, another S-B Volunteer, describes and hands out Native Coastal Strawberry plants

The guys from Solar Epiphany proving that Solar works in Seattle, even on a grey cloudy day
Now On to the Challenges:

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 7

1. Plant something: Some “watermelon" radishes- a different variety than what I am use to
2. Harvest something: Fennel, strawberries, radishes, spring onions, India Mustard, arugula, some thinnings of purple kohl rabi, daikon radishes

3. Preserve something: Made and froze some “frosty paws” for the dogs;
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something): worm bedding (shredded newspaper and soaked for the worm bin); Found a chair in a dumpster dive and plan on re-upholstering wit some fabric I happen to have laying around
5. Preparation and Storage: Made a “charging station” for the lawn mower and Weedeater so they can stay out in their little shed
6. Build Community Food Systems: Worked with Sustainable Burien at the Strawberry Festival- We are trying to show How to recycle, how to start composting, giving free information on sustainability issues, and giving out free coastal strawberry plants
7. Eat the Food: Fennel, onions in a broccoli slaw; strawberries for breakfast; radishes, Daikon radishes; Used India mustard, arugula, some thinnings of purple kohlrabi in a salad,
8. Cook or eat something new: Fennel- used in a slaw- never had it before; Used India mustard, arugula, some thinnings of purple kohlrabi in a salad,

Melinda’s Growing Challenge: Not much to report, did a better report on Thursday

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Didn’t buy anything this week, minus some hinges and a eight foot section of picket fencing to make a gate out of (I will use the rest elsewhere- perhaps as deck railing)

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