Sunday, June 28, 2009

Community gardening on the B/ias

Get a group of people together on a Sunday afternoon, add some dirt, some raised beds and what do you get? A COMMUNITY GARDEN! People working as teams on one of four gardens. Folks from sustainable Burien aka SuBu are trying to create something great.

Romeo in front of "my" garden

Here is mine. I call my plot My garden as I am the one who adopted it. If someone else can come up with a better name that promotes community, gardening, and ending hunger feel free to comment. And BTW- I am looking for team members to give me a hand- so if you are local (Burien-South Seattle Area- email me at and lets garden play in the dirt!) All produce grown from the gardens will be donated to area food bank. The "Rob" Bed has fennel, tomatoes, radishes, chard, cucumbers, basil, peppers, hot peppers (kung pao), lettuce, and peas. The idea I hope to promote is you can grow a lot of food with a small plot of land. And have some fun.
As for the B/ias (Burien Interim Art Space) It is a temporary home to a bunch of art, not without controversy:
This gal and her child will be watching over the community garden

Artwork from kids, made from old pop bottles and such adorn the community garden space.
This is a neat addition that just seemed to pop up!

The naked lady statue that is stirring so much controversy. IMHO She is a great statue, and is most definitely art, and is quite beautiful. I think the naysayers saying she doesn't belong where folks can see should go home, turn on the 700 club, and take their bottom lips pull it over their heads and swallow. The Interim art space started by Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson ( no relation) is a temporary home to the fantastic pieces of art, awaiting the construction of phase two of the condos and retail space to be built.
Finally a look at all four beds. One bed will have all native plantings, one bed will feature edibles like flowers and such, And I forget what the other beds will have. Thanks to Kathy and Dane for letting us set this up!

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