Monday, April 15, 2013


 I know--- Earth day should be Earth Year... yadda yadda. But the one good thing about Earth Day is it gives attention to the problems (and solutions) concerning our planet. The Nature Conservancy is suggesting you host or attend a picnic for Earth Day, April 22nd. And from I gather it could be a small family picnic or a large affair. The idea is to get out and enjoy nature. My idea is to have a picnic with the "boys" for lunch at one of our local parks, since it is a work day. You may want to eat dinner in the back yard or attend one of the sponsored picnics on this map. In any case, have a meal Al Fresco and enjoy the day!
Here are some Picnic Tips from the Nature Conservancy's Picnic For Earth website

If You Picnic for Earth, then You Need Green Picnic Tips!
 Choose a Location Near You Hosting your own picnic? Choose a picnic site close to home, and walk or bike to your picnic location instead of driving.

Look for a green space nearby — a local park, a sports field, a Conservancy preserve or a friend’s backyard!

Use Re-Usable or Compostable Serveware Instead of packing paper plates and disposable utensils, pack serveware that you can wash and use again and encourage your guests to do the same. If this won’t work, many brands are now offering compostable plates and silverware.

Bring Healthy Foods The lower a food is on the food chain, the lower its impact on the environment. For example, it takes about 634 gallons of water to make a hamburger. So, add more fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes to your picnic meal — those things are good for you and the planet!

Need a recipe? Pack Local, In-Season Ingredients Nothing ruins an eating-well high in the U.S. faster than seeing a sticker on your apple that says New Zealand (no offense, kiwis!). Prevent the shipping-around-the-world blues by picking up your produce from a local farmer’s market.

Lose the Napkins No one wants to walk around with mustard on her face, but paper napkins aren’t the answer. Use the picnic as an opportunity to use that cute gingham handkerchief that came with your cowboy Halloween costume five years ago. Or, you know, any old cloth napkin will do.

Compost and Recycle Your Trash: I bet someone at your picnic has a compost bin (Are you ready to give it a try? It’s easy!). Enlist that person to take home all the compostable scraps from the event, and another person to collect any recyclables.

Clean Your Picnic Site: A good picnicker is one that doesn’t leave trash at his picnic site. A great picnicker is one who picks up trash at this picnic site. Use the picnic as an opportunity to make your local green space just a little greener.

Enjoy Nature: Once your meal is over, take some time to enjoy your natural setting. Take a hike, go bird-watching or just sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature. Have kids in tow? Try this Nature Treasure Hunt.

Use Electronics Wisely: Picnic for Earth is about reconnecting with nature, but whether it’s to play some picnic tunes or send us your picnic photos via Twitter (@allhandsonearth), Facebook or Flickr, we know that your electronic devices will make an appearance. Be sure to unplug your chargers when not in use to avoid “vampire power,” which accounts for about 10 percent of household energy usage.

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