Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making a Squash Ladder

My neighbors, (the like minded ones) who like me put out stuff the no longer want on the side of the street, put out a broken Gorm shelf unit. Bless their hearts. You know who scooped it up. And since it was missing two of the support posts, I decided to hack the hell out of it and make a "trellis" for my pumpkins this year at the Community Garden. I took the shelves apart, used an old 2X2's for the back "legs", and re used some of the shelving material for supports (The rest I am going to use for a bucket project- using 100% instead of sending to the landfill!) I am hoping to get them (the pumpkins) to climb up the trellis, or ladder as I call it, making a bit more room. And I can hang my lettuce bowl in the middle! No slugs! Or if they make it that far more power to them!

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