Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mason Bee Time

Today I went an hung a Mason Bee Hive at the B-patch. These are our guest mason bees from Rent Mason Bees. The cost of renting the bee houses is cheaper than buying.

Hopefully, we can have Missy come and give her Bee Buzz (Talk) to our gardeners soon. Very interesting lady.
And her are some interesting facts about
Mason Bees:
  • are solitary. There is only one bee per nest, not thousands.
  • are native to North America whereas honeybees are not.
  • rarely sting.
  • are early spring bees & emerge about the time cherries bloom.
  • fly at a low 54 degrees F. Honeybees fly at 57-59 degrees F.
  • forage earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon than honeybees.
  • use holes in wood or nesting tubes for egg laying
are low maintenance and require only a small bee house with a VERY low start up cost!
and remember mason bees do not sting! So don't be scared of them

In fact the mason bees look more like flies than bees.

Inside their home, the tubes and the holes in the wood each have one mason bee nest.

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