Monday, March 11, 2013


I am a big fan of CSI but that is not the reason I got a DNA test kit to test Buddy. Or maybe it is- maybe I just wanna be CSI Gill Grissom for a few minutes... and I have my first case in years...
He just looks guilty.

CSI investigation #867-5309
Suspect- Buddy "Bucko" Johnson
Crime- None as of yet,  possible impersonation of a Cockapoo; and possible suspicion of pooping on the rug, and the occasional garbage invasion, eating food wrappers and packaging. And his brother, Romeo (adopted) says to add destroying all the boom booms. (Stuffed toy animals)

Reason For DNA Sample: Suspect is of mixed breed make up. Need to take DNA to establish his genetic make up, in the case of Buddy getting older, knowing his breed sill help in the instance and curtailing certain breed specific diseases, helping him to be a happier healthier dog, enabling him to commit far more heinous crimes in the future
I recieved a Canine DNA kit from Wisompanel. In the kit there are two swabs for taking a saliva samples from suspect's cheek and gums. The sample is then sealed and sent to the main lab in Lincoln, Nebraska. And then I wait patiently for Buddy's results. Allowing me time to fly home to Las Vegas, Nevada and give my wife, CSI Sarah Sidle, a little pickle tickle and a bouquet of flowers. And maybe some blowfly larvae.

Respectfully Submitted-
Gil Grissom
3rd shift Supervisor, LVPD Crime Lab


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