Monday, March 18, 2013

Recently Earth 911 had an article about 5 Materials from Your Home Repair You Should Recycle. 
Very good article on a very needed topic. But they seem to have forgotten about reuse as well

Here are some re-uses I have found in my own home DIY projects-
1 Shingles- while never have having shingles as a waste problem, it was interesting to learn that Owens Corning Roofing has an industry leading Shingle Recycling Program and has already recycled 738,605 tons since the program’s 2009 kick-off. They recycle those asphalt shingles into asphalt roads! While more roads isn't probably a cool thing, that asphalt can be used to repair roads we already have! THe other use for Shingles, maybe when a person has a few to repair/replace is use them for roofing on small projects like dog and bird houses, or build your own little Free Library!

2-DRYWALL- I must admit to never having too much left over drywall- I am pretty exact about the amount I need for a project. When I do have leftover of any amount it is usually kept in the garage for later patching or repairing- And on a side note- if you have a small drywall job that doesn't require a full 4 X 8 Sheet, you can buy 2 x 2 squares at most home hardware stores. Easier to transport, store and carry!

3- PAINT- while I agree with th article on paint, I must also add that sometimes, with a little "home work" you can find organizations that need paint for one project or another and they would welcome a donation of your leftover paint!

4- BRICK- Another item I never have too much of. Old brick not used is saved for gardening: Making new raised beds, making walkways in garden beds, etc.

5-CARPET- I re-use my old carpeting and Rugs!: Makes a great weed block for under the gravel where I park my car, and I have used it in the garden (for weed block under raised planting beds) as well. Small area rugs are great to cut up and use in pots (When you need to slow the drainage down) and baskets

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