Monday, December 10, 2012

Some DIY Tree Ornaments

I found some items to turn into ornaments for my tree! Starting with this coffee scented candle in a cup and saucer I found at Dollar Tree, it was small enough to become an ornament!
It originally came in this plastic case with a brown ribbon around it... I took it out, took the candle out (I used a knife and scraped it out) hot glued the saucer to the cup and now have the neat little latte on the tree! I also reused the ribbon to make a hanger for it!

Then I discovered the little picture frames...One was for a small 2 X 3 inch picture and the other also fit a 2 X 3 was intended as place cards for a wedding, I turned them into photo ornaments by simply placing some small adhesive metallic bows on them. Then I removed the frame back, (the one with the little hinged thingy that lets the frame stand up, cut a new one out of some cardboard.

and drill a small hole in the side for putting a hanging ribbon (or in my case, a pipe cleaner) through.
Then put the pic in, the cardboard I cut, and hot glued it to secure everything.

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Kathe said...

I want those little candle cups! I will be checking our Dollar Tree to see if they have them! Great thrifty tree decor Rob!