Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mellow's Candy Cane Lemons

I learn so much from other bloggers. Like Mellow at "A Life Unprocessed". She showed how to make Candy Cane Lemons. A trick learned at her kids, Odin and Loki's preschool. Anyway she basically does the following:

"Start with one large lemon and one candy cane for each person. First, take the lemon and roll it around, pressing firmly, until it's soft.  The pressing helps to release all the little jewels of lemon juice inside. When the lemon is soft, use the tip of a knife to cut an "X" in the side. This is where the candy cane straw will be inserted- but first, prep the candy cane: simply cut both ends of the candy cane off so that there is just a straight section left, with pourous ends. When ready, insert this into the lemon and suck away. The acids from the juice will hollow out the candy cane, and the candy will sweeten the juice". 

TIPS: Save the cut ends of candy cane to use in baking- I crushed them and put them in meringues that I made.

A Trick I learned: Refrigerate the lemons first. That way the juice sucked through is cold like lemonade.

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