Monday, December 7, 2009

Romeo- getting fame!!!

I was looking at the B-Town Blog, our source for local news and events, and looked at this story on the local Winterfest in Olde Burien, Which included get you puppy's pic taken with Santa at the Mark Restaurant- Anyway I clicked on the slideshow and the 5th picture in here was Romi and Santa - IF your look closely you will see Romeo's long suffering owner to the side.

Dog should be a model, I could be mama Rose yelling instructions from the side!

Here is a link to the story on b-town blog, And here is a direct link to the photographer's slideshow

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Condo Blues said...

You go Romeo! He could make it as a dog supermodel I just know it.

An animal shelter has pet Santa photos at a local pet store as a funraiser. We had a family photo taken one year and used it as our Christmas card. The following year I volunteered to work the event. I had the best time. One guy did bloodhound rescue and brought a pack of bloodhounds to have their pictures taken with Santa as his Christmas card. He called them Santa's B Team.