Friday, December 4, 2009


Once again time for a 4R SuperHero award- this one goes to Mudnessa for thinking outside the box and making it new! She looked at the pretty imprinting on the inside of her "Yogi Tea" boxes and turned them inside out to make nifty little gift boxes. I, as esteemed and benevolent dictator of Rob's World do hereby decree Mudnessa a 4R super hero for thinking outside inside out of the box.
The 4R award goes to individuals who do something great for the planet by reducing, re-using, recycling or repairing, thus keeping items out of the waste stream. Not a meme, the recipient is allowed to post the fancy logo on the website, they don't have to print anything, pass it on or divulge any secrets of their lives. Just accept the award and know in their hearts they are a "4-R Superhero"


mudnessa said...

Ok, trying this again, having problems with comments, or it could be my silly mind not working properly. So thanks, I really appreciate it. I've had some of those boxes for years and just finally got to doing something with them.

Chile said...

Great idea, Mudnessa! I have a little round metal tin that used to hold loose green tea. I printed out a wrap-around label for it and gave it to a friend. (The label was for candied citrus peels, with refills allowed. It's already been returned twice for refills.)