Saturday, December 26, 2009

Worse than Black Friday...

OMG! I had to go to the Mall area today- as much as I disdain Black Friday I hate the day after Christmas for the same reason- TOO MANY PEOPLE!!! You see my Cell Phone decided to not work right so I went to the Verizon Store right here in Burien. They couldn't fix it and told me the nearest service center was South Center (our wonderful neighborhood shopping center) "right next to Chipoltle's. Well I got in the car and Romi and I drove there- first to stand still on the freeway, due to all the folks who had to make a return. So we crept (seriously- I could of gotten out of my car and waddled my fat ass there the last two miles, with a dog who believes he single handily needs to pee on every bush shrub and rock along the way and got there faster) up to Chipoltle's and lo and behold no Verizon- luckily it was across the parking lot. Went in.Very nice folks at that store- they tool my name- they have a computerized number system, told me to take a seat. Shortly they called my name and the technician came out and got me. She explained my 2 year warranty had expired and my date to be eligible for upgrade was July. She said they could send me a new cell (the same type I had) for $50. When would I get it I asked? Tuesday or Wednesday. Well this wasn't good, my mom who is recovering from knee surgery depends on my cell phone to call me 3 or 4 times a day to day she needs milk or she is out of cat food or She is tired of looking at her Christmas tree. So I end up buying a similar cell phone to the one I had. Then Techy Girl tells me that because I had such a low level cell phone to begin with, I wouldn't be able to transfer my "contact list" and other stuff via computer- I would have to do it by hand. Think you don't have many associates and friends? Try typing in your contact list by hand. You will be amazed how popular you are! So today I learned that

  1. People (drivers) going to return Christmas Gifts suck almost as much as those Black Friday Shoppers

  2. Techy people are not impressed with my low level choices in technology

  3. Verizon in South Center is not next to Chipoltle's

  4. This area was not designed for large amounts of vehicle traffic.
  5. Mall is not the proper word for where people gather to shop- try using MAUL

So I do learn things even when I am on vacation, excuse me my new cell phone is ringing... It's my mom calling to tell me her cat doesn't like the type of cat food I bought and could I go out now and get the right kind. I forgot and bought Tuscan chicken in gravy served with garden greens intsead of Chicken Florentine in gravy served with garden greens. Such is life in my world.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I was lucky enough to avoid (mauls) right before and after Christmas. My sympathy to you!

And I agree with your opinion about techy people. I had a super simple phone for 5 years. When it fizzed out and I went in to buy a new super simple phone, the techy gal pointed out that it had "Large buttons so I could see the numbers". I almost walked out.

mudnessa said...

My friend in Oregon sent me a gift card to Jo-Ann's so I could get some material and sew things, I am teaching myself, but the only one near me is in a big shopping area, the mall is across the freeway and it is just a hectic area to get in and out of almost any time of year. There is no way I am going over there soon. The gift card is in my wallet and mocks me every time I open my wallet.

We did go to a different mall a week or so before Christmas, for dinner, the only Red Robin around, the mall was quite empty, wouldn't have guessed Christmas was coming up.

Condo Blues said...

Maul is right! The day after Christmas Husband and I wanted to see a movie. We finally found a parking space in some hasty stick-a-sign-in-a-muddy-field overflow parking area. When we got inside the maul it was packed and our movie was sold out.

On the upside we got Husband a new wool winter coat at 50% instead. I got an extra 10% off of the price because a button was missing. The button was in the pocket and super simple to sew back on.

Dawn said...

Sorry to be commenting on such an old post, but this was the funniest thing I have seen all week - great writing! :)