Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ciscoe Morris, Rebecca Cole and pot recycling

Yesterday, I spent the day at the NW Flower and Garden Show. Today I am going to talk about every NW Gardeners favorite spaz- Ciscoe Morris! We have been able to watch Ciscoe for years on King TV's Gardening With Ciscoe. Ciscoe, along with Meghan Black, his partener in crime, shows us how to solve common gardening problems. The spots blossomed into a Weekly show on cable's North West Cable News channel. Now I called Ciscoe a spaz, but I call him that with the highest respect and admiration. It's like when I call cheap vegetable gardener "Garden Geek"- only because he intrigates computers with gardening. Anyway, Ciscoe always has good advice and great things to share about gardening. Maybe someday I will ask him why the hell I have such a hard time growing broccoli! BTW I classify myself a "garden nerd"! And I have the coffee cup to prove it!
Rebecca Cole, That little media darling, I first saw her on tv's surpise by design with Robert Verdi, was broadcasting her radio show "On the House" with Rebbeca Cole and the Carey Brothers from the Flower and Garden Show. It was fun listening to how she set up her display garden, how it transports (It will also be in the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this year), she talked with the contractors that helped build it. It is all done with smoke and mirrors folks! It is set up on a trailer flatbed, which they jacked up and removed the axles and lowered to the ground! Her design was nice, but I am not so convinced it was gold medal worthy- Which she won- but it was cool - and her "Building" in the display had solar panels- or what represented solar panels! Always glad to see a display display green building methods
Now for recycling pots- And now I am not talking about cleaning your bong or pipe and resmoking the resin-I am talking about plastic planting pots! I know many of your save them to re-use and that is most excellent, but what do you do when they start coming out your ears? Ciscoe Morris's site has a link to a PDF file on recycling plastic plant pots and who takes them- This just basically covers Seattle and King County, but if you have a greenhouse or nursery near you- Ask! They may take in your old pots! Recycling old or broken pottery pots is easy as well- Just break it up more and use the shards for drainage in your new pots in place of stones!


The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

I must agree with the description of Ciscoe being a "spaz", but I respect his enthusiasm for gardening. At least Meghan is there to mellow things out a little.

I seem to accidentally break my plastic pots faster than I accumulate them so no need to recycle them quite yet. Almost missed them we I got my Burpee tomato/strawberry plants with biodegradable peat pots last year. Which seem intact almost a year later...

Red Icculus said...

"Now for recycling pots- And now I am not talking about cleaning your bong or pipe and resmoking the resin-I am talking about plastic planting pots!"

Being a former pothead, I laughed, I cried, I LOL'd.

The tip about play pot chards for drainage is great. It's the next best thing to hydroton.

Green Bean said...

Yay for recycling pots. We have a similar list here in Northern California. It's a great way to go.