Monday, February 9, 2009

Our city workers are ANIMALS!!!

Nom Nom Nom!

Goats- they have those horizontal pupils that just charm the pants off you. They make pretty good milk too. Now they make pretty good yard laborers!
Goats work for the city of Burien. Following a local trend started by SeaTac airport, Burien, my fair city, happily is jumping on the band wagon. They hired goattrimmers to rid Mathison Park of blackberries (apparentley their favorite food) , ivy and a whole bunch of invasive weeds growing in the park. It works. I can say that the park is cleared out. This should be the best advertising for using goats as trimmers. Now if only they would rent me two goats for a day or two. I promise that the dogs would not get near them! Here is a video form the b-town blog on the goats. The goats do all this fast for a fraction of the cost! It is good to see the city using it's brains on an old problem. Goats do the work, get fed, the parkland gets cleared- Hey, it's a win-win for all! Now if I could lure a goat or two to clear the blackberries out of my yard!!!
Here is a video from the b-Town blog on the goats working

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