Monday, March 10, 2014

Cove To Clover

It's just about time for the Annual Clove to Clover. Around these parts, this 5K Race plus a 1 mile "Wee" race for the little people is a sure sign of spring. And a sure sign that Burien folk are ready to get out and support many charities. Held on the 16th,the C2C was originally sponsored by a local Irish pub, organizer John Nelson had made it one of the go to and do events in our little city. And he is also very generous, offering the B-Town DOG group a Canopy at the finish line, to deliver information about our up and coming Dog Park here in the city. My only complaint, is that They use to offer "Angel" Sponsorships, which allowed me to be involved without having to run my fat ass all through town. But the old way was a hassle, and they still get sponsorships to the school district, allowing many kids to race for free! So a big thumbs up there. \
And if liquid sports are more your thing There is also Ye Ole Snake Crawl, A pub crawl were you can win prizes, on Friday the 14th, from 5pm (Registration)
So if you are not doing anything on Sunday, March 16, and feel a little energetic, Put on your running shoes and come on out to the Cove to Clover. There is a beer garden at the end! A great way to support local Charities!
Cove to Clover Classic
March 16th, 2014
Ye Ole Snake Crawl Pub Crawl
March 14th
Burien WA

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