Monday, August 19, 2013

No Fire 'Smores

Now really who doesn't love 'Smores??? Who really has a fire going all the time? I was shopping at Trader Joe's today and saw the grahm crackers and Dark Chocolate covered Marshmallows. You know how my mind wtarts whirling, so I pick some up.
Put a couple of the chocalate covered marshmallows on one graham cracker:
Set it in the microwave, nuke for about 15 seconds, or until the marshmallow expands in ooey goodness
Cover with the other graham cracker and eat. Smores with out a fire...who knew?


Anonymous said...

Niiiice....Another quick dessert for one goey, tasty treat!

Kathe said...

No breakfast this morning so that means your photos have me drooling for sure! I'll be picking up supplies after the move and dazzle Mr. B with a quick and easy treat thanks to you!