Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cooking at Work: Ad Hoc Grilled Cheese

So, I happen to love grilled sandwiches, one of them being the classic grilled cheese. But the problem at work is how to actually grill a sandwich. I could use the George Foreman grill (like a paninni press) but I find the cheese all runs out of the bread so I discovered this method using the toaster oven/broiler:

Butter the tops of 2 slices of bread, insert cheese in the middle leaving the buttered sides outside, and place in a hot broiler. Toast the bread to desired "toastiness" flip and repeat the other side. When you are done, eat. I sometimes warm a cup of tomato soup in the microwave to make a classic grilled cheese meal. This method works so well I quite often use it at home for a quick way to make a grilled cheese.

Tuna Melt (Classic Tuna Salad topped with a slice of American cheese)
Rueben ( I sub pastrami for the corned beef. Add some Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island Dressing)
Bacon Cheese and tomato (Simple: a few strips of bacon topped with a few tomato slices and cheese of your choice)
Grilled Ham and Swiss (A slice of ham, a slice of Swiss and toasted bread- need I say more?)

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Anonymous said...

Tasty lunch versatility in the workplace, Rob! One other favorite sandwich option is adding coleslaw as a fresh layer. It also takes dressing very nicely.