Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy BIrthday Buddy Bucko!!!

The fun thing about adopting a dog, if you don't know his/her birthday, you get to choose!!! I pick this day as his birthday as it was the day he became my little buddy.
The first year started out a bit tough, as he didn't like wearing coats, eating at our mealtime. And he wasn't a fan of walking at night after I got home from work.
Buddy after his spinal surgery

Add that he needed emergency surgery a month after adopting him I never thought he or I would survive the year! But time went on and now he wears a jacket without so much as a whine, he has accepted our letenight meal time, and he is first out the door at late night walk time. And more important, he has become my daily laugh machine, my little buddy who likes a scratch behind the ear and a good belly rub in the morning. He is a great fit with Romeo.

Romeo and Buddy showing off new hair cuts last Christmas

Anyway Happy Birthday Buddy Bucko!!! Hope there are many more to come!!!!

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