Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making Gift Cards More Personal

I know Christmas is two months away. But CHRISTMAS IS ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!!! I plan on giving gift cards and certificates to a lot of my gift recepients this year.
Making gift cards and/or gift certificates doesn't have to be impersonal. There are a lot of great templates our there to make great homemade holders and envelopes,
I love this Watering Can holder, just the thing for a garden gift or a gift for a gardener

Watering Cam template- So easy just print onto some silver cardstock and cut out! Perfect for a gift card, gift certificate or a packet of seeds

Tool Box Gift Card Holder Great gift card holder for a DIY'er or dad or housewarming

General Gift Card holder template- try getting a tad creative and print out a picture of the person recieving the gift and make your holder or envelope out of that! Or try Angry Chicken's envelope design to make an envelope for your gift card or certificate! 

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The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Great idea! I'll be giving gift cards this year, so folks can get what they really need. It will be great to personalize the wrapping, especially with the photo envelopes.