Thursday, June 16, 2011

Register your Bike today

I recently discovered the National Bike Registry. Very cool- for the cost of $1 per year ($10 covers your bike for 10 years)you can register your bicycle to prove ownership, should it get stolen. The NBR is run by the “Take a bite out of crime” folks so it is "McGruff approved". And from their website:

"Many stolen bikes are recovered by police but there is no way to identify the owner. With the NBR service, you can register your bicycle by serial number in our national database and apply the special label you receive to your bike. If your bike is ever stolen, it can be identified and you can prove ownership.
Law Enforcement anywhere can access our database, advise us that your bike has been recovered, and you can be notified immediately."

Kind of like a dog tag for your bike. And there is a family plan,($25 to cover up to five bikes at the same residence for 10 years) Making it more affordable to cover Junior and Missy.

So maybe it is time to take a bite out of crime!

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